Who is VR for?

We can cater for all ages, with no technical knowledge required whatsoever. We have a huge catalogue of experiences, there’s truly something for everyone and many of our experiences are perfectly playable in a wheelchair. For children aged 12 or younger, we require one adult per three children to help supervise and take care of our equipment. Pregnant women absolutely fine too!

Can I use the headset with glasses?

Yes, the headset is designed to work perfectly with glasses.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and shoes as some experiences can be quite active!

When should we arrive?

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes in advance of your booking time. We do not have a waiting area, so you’ll have to wait in your car if you arrive any earlier.

Is there car parking?

Yes! Our car parking is free and there’s plenty of space for up to 6 cars. Please let us know if there will be more than this in your convoy.

Do we have to book in advance?

Yes please do! It works best if you can book online, but if you have any issues we can help via our live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, email or phone. We only accept bookings at least 24 hours in advance and cannot accommodate drop-ins, so if you’d like to come to The VRVE on the day, please get in touch.

How long do we get?

With each hour slot, it varies with your choice of experience and speed of completing it. We will recommend appropriate experiences depending on the size of your group, so everyone will have a go.

How many people can come?

For a 1 hour slot, 4-6 people is ideal, but you’re welcome to bring along as many as you’d like up to an absolute maximum of 16 people. Please bear in mind that our equipment will be shared amongst your group, so the more people you bring the less time each you will have on the headsets.

What equipment do you have?

Our main headset provides the absolute best experience you can have in VR, with full room scale movement and completely wireless. The view from this headset is projected onto our massive 150″ screen and the audio through our 5.1 sound system. Everyone has a blast using and spectating players on this headset!

Our secondary headset is just as capable as our main headset, but is used wired for seated experiences. We use this with our driving simulator bucket seat with full force feedback steering wheel, pedals and gear stick, along with our flight joystick and throttle for jet and spaceship fighting. If you love roller coaster, driving, train, space or flying simulators, this headset is for you!

Finally we have our 4 portable headsets, which can be used unsupervised at any time during your session. Although they provide a more limited experience than our other main headsets, we still have a large selection of excellent experiences available. We highly recommend viewing 360 videos and exploring Google Street view, they’re particularly excellent on these headsets!

Please note that our secondary and portable headsets are used to fulfil our remote bookings, so will sometimes be unavailable for use during your session. We find that for most groups, our main headset is so compelling that the other headsets go unused. But if the experiences available on our other headsets are of particular importance to you, please email us and let us know and we’ll rearrange your booking if necessary.

Can we do multiplayer experiences?

We have a some experiences where one player is in VR and the others use games controllers to interact (asymmetrical multiplayer), but unfortunately the technology isn’t quite there yet for multiple VR players! It’s something we’re actively working to bring to VRVE, but at the moment the solo experiences are simply better.

If this will be your first few hours in VR, everything is so new and overwhelming that it actually works better sticking to solo experiences. For more experienced VR players, we can potentially accommodate 2 VR users in the same space, but we currently consider this in our alpha development stage. Please let us know well in advance if this is something you’d like to try and we’ll see what we can do!