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What are your Coronavirus measures?

Our primary measure is to space out our sessions more and we are now only accepting private hire. So we have plenty of time to air out and clean between sessions and there is only your group and our host in the studio at once.

We’re also asking everyone to wash their hands before entering and for private hire, wearing a mask is optional. Finally, besides our main headset, everyone will use a separate headset and if requested, our studio host will also wear a mask. Please note due to our Coronavirus measures, we may call to adjust timings or rearrange bookings made less than a week in advance.

Who is VR for?

We can cater for all ages, with no technical knowledge required whatsoever. We have a huge catalogue of experiences, there’s truly something for everyone and many of our experiences are perfectly playable in a wheelchair. For children aged 12 or younger, we require one adult per three children to help supervise and take care of our equipment. Pregnant women absolutely fine too!

How it works?

After welcoming you in and a brief induction, our studio host will start your group on an intro experience on our main headset, one-at-a-time, projected onto our big screen. This is fantastic fun to watch and a real challenge, so be brave and be prepared!!

Once everyone has confronted our intro challenge, our host will then invite you to gather around our standalone headsets. They’ll first demonstrate how to explore and interact within the menus & switch between the different experiences and then show how the headset straps work to get a good comfortable fit.

Each member of your group will then be allocated an area, fitted with a headset and set off into our tutorial. Here all the buttons and controls will be explained, with a set of challenges and mini-games to practise what you’ve learned.

After completing the tutorial, you’re all set and ready to go into one of up to 40 experiences available on each headset. Everyone can pick any experience that they’d like, with our host ready and waiting to make recommendations depending on your preferences.

There’s no limits or constraints, everyone can do any experience for as long as they’d like and swap & change at any time throughout your session. During your session, our host will usually recommend a multiplayer experience or two. We’ve got a few different options for 2, 4, 8 and 10 players, dependent on time, see below for further details!

Can I use the headset with glasses?

Yes, the headset is designed to work perfectly with all types of glasses and due to the way the optics work, most find they don’t need to wear them at all!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please wear comfortable clothing as our experiences can be quite active! We ask everyone to remove their shoes before stepping on our soft floor, so please come wearing socks too!

When should we arrive?

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes in advance of your booking time. We do not have a waiting area, so you’ll have to wait in your car if you arrive any earlier.

Is there car parking?

Yes! Our car parking is free and there’s plenty of space for up to 6 cars. Please let us know if there will be more than this in your convoy.

Do we have to book in advance?

Yes please do! It works best if you can book online, but if you have any issues, please contact us and our friendly team will be able to help. We accept standard bookings at least 24 hours in advance and have limited availability for drop-ins, so if you’d like to come to The VRVE on the day, please get in touch. Please note due to our Coronavirus measures, we may call to adjust timings or rearrange bookings made less than a week in advance.

Can I book multiple hours?

Yes of course! Whilst 1 hour is a great introduction to VR, an extra hour will give you enough time to try a variety of different experiences! To book multiple hours, simply add the second slot into your basket by heading back to the booking page.

How many people can come?

For a 1 hour slot, 4-6 people is ideal, with a good amount of time for everyone to try a variety of experiences. Our studio can facilitate a maximum of 12 people under our party bookings at a cost of £20/pp for a 2 hour booking, please see below for more details! We’ve got plenty of headsets for even our largest groups, so everyone can experience VR in solo or multiplayer experiences at the same time!

Do you run parties?

Yes absolutely! We can accommodate a maximum of 12x people in our studio at once, with everyone in VR simultaneously in solo or multiplayer experiences of up to 10 players. To ensure the absolute best experience, for our party bookings we have two studio hosts to assist everyone in and outside of VR. Depending on your group size, we may need to vary the way we start and run your session.

Our party bookings include a minimum of 6 attendees, 2 of whom need to be adults (see below to understand why). They run for 2 hours and are priced at £20/pp.

To make a booking, please check our availability on our booking calendar and add two time slots to your basket (details required twice), but don’t checkout yet! Please then reply to the provisional booking emails you receive or contact us via live chat with your group size, contact details and any further questions. Our team will then get back to you confirming our availability, attaching an invoice and answering any questions. Once the invoice is paid, your booking will be confirmed!

Why can’t I bring more that 4x under 15’s for a standard booking?

We need to bring an extra studio host to accommodate more than 4x under 15’s (for safeguarding and the health & safety of the participants and our VR kit) and we can only do this for our 2 hour party bookings. For the same reason, we require a minimum of 2x adults to take part for all groups larger than 6 people. Please see the above section for more details about our party bookings!

What equipment do you have?

Our standalone headsets provide high quality wireless VR, complete with full room scale tracking and controllers. They have a diverse range of fantastic experiences available and you can easily swap to a new experience whenever you like. It’s super easy to use these headsets and there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Our main headset provides the absolute best experience you can have in VR, with full room scale movement and completely wireless. The view from this headset is projected onto our massive 150″ screen and the audio through our 5.1 sound system. Everyone has a blast using and spectating players on this headset!

Can we do multiplayer experiences?

Yes absolutely! We have a variety of different multiplayer experiences suitable for 2, 4, 8 and 10 players, with genres ranging from shooting to racket sports and archery. Just ask our host when you’re there and they’ll recommend an experience best suited for your group size. These do take a little longer to get started, so please be patient whilst our host gets you going!

We are continually working towards bringing more and better multiplayer experiences to VRVE, but at the moment the majority of our library are solo experiences, as they’re the best VR has to offer today. If you’d like us to arrange a particular experience for your group, please contact us!

Cancellation policy

Should you wish to cancel your booking we will offer a rebooking or full refund if you notify us at least 1 week before your booking or 1 hour after making a booking.

If you notify us that you cannot attend your booking at least 2 days beforehand, we will offer a rebooking at any time on a week day within the next month (no weekends).

Any cancellations within 48 hours of your booking cannot be refunded.

Booking amendment policy

You must bring no more than the total attendees stated in your booking (typically max of 6). If you wish to bring more, please contact us at least 48 hours beforehand.

We will charge an extra £20 per person at the door for unexpected attendees and this may affect our ability to provide the best experience for your group.

Safeguarding Policy

As a business in regular contact with the young and vulnerable, we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. Please see our full safeguarding policy at the following web page.

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